What is a Clinical Psychologist?

What is a clinical psychologist?  A clinical psychologist is a person who, after doing an undergraduate degree usually in psychology, then goes on to to a doctoral degree in clinical,psychology. The doctorate is both academic and practical and in the UK the doctoral clinical psychology student will have to undergo 5 placements in clinical settings where they are rigorously supervised and guided in order to ensure they have  developed the breadth and depth of training to make them competent practitioners. This is in addition to their studies and dissertation. As well as being expected to be competent clinical practitioners, clinical,psychologists are expected to be competent also in research, consultation and service development. They will usually be expected to learn a minimum of two models of therapy .  Upon completing training every clinical,psychologist is by law registered with the governing body Health and Professional Social Care (HCPC) in order to ensure a continuing high level of practice and also to ensure that the public know that they are being seen by someone who is properly trained.