value of psychotherapy

Should any wonder the value of psychotherapy, a lovely book to read on this is one called ‘The Examined Life’ by Stephen Grodz, a psychoanalytical psychotherapist practicing primarily in London. He offers vignetts and insights into his clinical work and I quote here  from the book something a friend of his in analysis commented on when talking about how the psychotherapy had helped him. It is about discovering the ability to be able to choose how to live ones life rather than to be living on automat. Here is the extract from the book – ” ‘I’m more aware of what is going on behind the scenes,’ Tom told me. ‘And that gives me a degree of choice. When I find myself feeling hurt or depressed, i can try and decode the feeling – i can decide if it’s something i’m doing or something that is being done to me. this gives me a way out. When you have no choice you are doomed, you’re stuck in a web of reproach and self reproach….having a choice is a very, very big liberation.'”

That for me is a lovely summary of psychotherapy.